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Ty is the second of Georgia's crias.  He has very soft, low micron fleece that has made him stand out in the show ring.


He is crafty like his momma.  He is one of three adult males we have on our farm.  The boys like to fight (mostly friendly) to see who is the toughest and to impress the females.  While he is the tallest of our boys, he is not as stout as the others so he waits until they are tired out from fighting each other until he joins in so that he has the advantage of being fresh.  Pretty smart!  


We are hoping to breed Roo to Ty this Spring.  We think that his fineness and soft handle will complement her density and are looking forward to a terrific baby.


Tycho is not currently for sale.


His stud fee is $500.

Tyco 1st Place
April 2014 063
May b 2013 081
May b 2013 111
img_20141226_103332538 (2)


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