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Prada is a twin!  It is very rare for alpacas to have twins and we are lucky to have this beautiful girl.  As the female in a pair of boy/girl twins she is what is know as freemartin and unable to reproduce.  Her male twin, Prestige, is capable of breeding and is the sire of our girl Charolette.


Prada has a very special job at our farm.  She loves the newborn crias and acts as a nanny to them as they grow up.  She helps keep them out of trouble when their moms are resting and stays with them as a comforting presence while they are weaned.  Since she cannot become pregnant she has even gone into the boys' pen to protect the younger males when they first go in with the big boys.  All of the other boys are scared of her since she helped to keep them in line when they were little and she doesn't let the fighting get too out of hand. 


She is also very protective of the entire herd and keeps an eye out for predators. She has chased deer, foxes and stray dogs from the pasture letting them know that they are not welcome in her territory.


In addition to all of this, she is one of our very best fleece animals!


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