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Little Brown

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I fell in love with Little Brown while I was out looking for my first alpacas.  She was on a very large farm and was not quite 2 years old.  She was small and cute with beautiful, rich brown fleece and she clicked to me when I petted her.  When I found out that her mom was one of the best dams on that entire farm, I knew that she and I could start our herd together. 


As a new owner I had a lot to learn and she made it all very easy for me.  She is strong and patient and easy to handle and, like her mother before her, is a fantastic dam.  As of now she has had four very happy, healthy, robust crias of her own as well as two granddaughters.


She knew exactly what to do when the babies came and had enough milk for two.  As a first time owner/breeder I cannot stress how important this is.  I only came to appreciate it after other first time moms I had did not want to nurse or were unable to pass on good immunity or even miscarried.


I have never regretted my decision to start my farm with Little Brown and I hope she feels the same way about me!





Valerius Maximus (Light Fawn) - Proven Male

Rosamund (Silver Gray) -  Breeding Female

Honey Brown (Medium Brown) - Maiden Female

Bianca (White) - Juvenile


Little Brown is not for sale.

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