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Honey Brown

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Honey Brown is Little Brown's second daughter and, unlike her other offspring who all look like their sires, Honey Brown looks just like her mom. 


She is very curious and will come up to you when you visit but just wants to sniff you and doesn't want to be petted.    When she gets to know you she will let you scratch her lower back above her tail but until then just look please!


One of the most striking aspects of her appearance is her super fuzzy ears.  She gets comments on them all of the time.  She is also a little chubby but she is getting interested in boys and will probably lose her baby fat when she starts nursing her own baby.


Honey Brown has VERY dense fleece and we are looking forward to breeding her to Tycho who has a very fine, soft handle to his award winning fleece.   We think that the cross of their two lines will produce an excellent cria and are hoping to find out in the next year.



Honey Brown is for sale as a breeding female.


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