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Georgia is one of my first alpacas and she is quite a character.  She is always checking out what you are doing and how she can get involved.


 When you come to visit she will be one of the first ones to come up to you and ask for (demand?) a carrot. 


She loves to be sprayed with the hose during the summer and tries to get in between the nozzle and anyone else that wants to get cooled off.


You would think that with such a 'me first' attitude she wouldn't be that great of a mother but she has been fantastic.   In fact, she is so protective of her newborns that she doesn't want to let anyone near them.    She has had two beautiful babies.  Her first baby, Charolette, is a big bay black girl with one of the most beautiful heads I have ever seen.  Her second, Tycho, is a super-fine brown boy with very nice confirmation. 


Her black fleece is very soft and fine and spins up nicely.  I also like to use it to felt with and her loose fleece is popular with crafters as well.




May b 2013 111
Georgia & Charolette


Charolette (Bay Black) - Proven Female

Tycho (Medium Brown)- Unproven Male




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