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05 11 2014 108
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Cosette is one of my favorites.  She is a deep, true black with a soft, silky handle but that's not even the best thing about her.


She was Charolette's first cria and after days of trying to get her mom to accept her, she became my baby.


I will always treasure the memories of her running down the driveway towards me to get her bottle.  She would run so fast she couldn't stop in time and had to turn back around.  She was (and still is) ready to give kisses and get her back scratched. 


She will be two this Spring and while she seems to be getting more interested in boys than in petting, she will still come right up to you when you come to visit.  In fact, she will try to grab the carrot bag out of your hand if you don't feed her fast enough.


It's hard to believe that it is almost time for her to become a mom herself, but we took her to meet a male at another farm and if all goes well she will be expecting her first baby in the Spring of 2017!


Cosette is not currently for sale.

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