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Georgia & Charolette

Charolette is a big girl but she is very gentle.   She will want you to feed her a carrot but she will wait until you offer it instead of grabbing for it. 


She has delivered two beautiful daughters but apparently has decided that baby raising is not for her.   After the first baby we tried again but she was still not interested.  I have to say that what started out as frustration with her has turned into a blessing.  Her bottle raised babies are the stars of the farm and people come over just to cuddle with them.    They love attention and give kisses to everyone.  Raising those babies has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had.


Charolette's long, abundant fleece looks black when it is spun up into yarn until you look at it next to her mom's.  Her mother is a deep true black and Charolette is a bay black which looks more like a rich dark chocolate.   She is an outstanding fleece animal.




Cosette (True Black) - Maiden Female

Josephine (Light Brown) - Juvenile


Charolette is for sale.* $800


*Charolette is for sale as a breeding female with the understanding that you will (probably) get a cria that needs to be hand raised.  This has been a wonderful experience for us but it is a commitment!

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