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Roo is Little Brown's first daughter and now has a daughter of her own (Beep).  When she was first born I said she was tearing around like a wrecking ball and was afraid she would hurt herself if she didn't slow down and pay more attention to what she was doing.   She put on weight fast and was doing great until, when she was almost 3 weeks old, she broke her leg.


We are not exactly sure what happened but found her in the barn one night with a compound fracture to her left foreleg.  We took her up to The Ohio State Veterinary College with her mom and, luckily, the break seemed to be in a place where it could be set with a good prognosis. 


We never found out what she did but she has healed up well although if you look closely you can see that she kicks that leg out instead of bending it at the knee.  She still likes to jump around like crazy especially at feeding time or when she gets sprayed with the hose. 


I was a little concerned that when she became a mom that she would be a little too wild for her baby but she has been great. 


Roo's silver gray coloring with black and white accents makes her one of the most beautiful animals on the farm and her gorgeous fleece makes yarn that flies off of the shelf.  When you come to visit her, she will want a carrot but will sneak up behind you to get it.




Beep (Rose Gray) 


Roo is not for sale.

Roz 1 day old 09102012
img_20150420_175738581_hdr (2)

Rosamund (Roo)

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