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Josephine (Josie)

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Josie is the second of Charolette's babies.  We were hoping that she might have matured into wanting to be a mother so we tried again but she still wasn't interested so Josie became another bottle fed baby. Things were easier this time around since we had had practice with Cosette.


Josie is special because she is the product of the first two crias that I had on the farm.  Val and Charolette grew up together and to see this amazing baby that they produced is very rewarding.  Both of her grandmothers are still here on the farm and I can see their personalities coming through in her.


She is very willful and crafty in ways that make me think of her Grandma Georgia.    She is always thinking about how to get what she wants.   She is confident and robust and hardly ever stops eating.  That makes me think of her Grandma Little Brown.   She does not realize that she is smaller than the adults and does not seem to defer to them like the other crias.


Josie loves to be petted and scratched.  She likes to give kisses and have her belly rubbed.  When you come to the farm be prepared to have Josie up front and center with Cosette and Georgia.   When you feel her fleece you will know why alpaca fiber is so prized!


Josephine is not currently for sale.

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